I applied to the clinic of bio-resonance therapy on the advice of my friend. My son born in 1999 became the carrier of hepatitis "C". We were sent to all the experts, and my son took medication. But there were no results, bilirubin remained at 14.2. Infectious disease specialist said it was not curable and we must prepare ourselves to a lifetime drinking essentiale and CARSIL. At the bio-resonance clinic hewas a long time under a course of treatment for the'C' virus, bilirubin is now 9. Even our attending pediatrician was surprised, because hepatitis "C" is not curable with medication. Prior to treatment at the clinic the boyhad beenapathic, had suffered often frompain in the liver, he had had practically no interest for anything andvery bad appetite.But after a half of sessions here at the clinic his state improved. He even began to have breakfast, appetite improved much, abdominal pain stopped, the boyshowed an interest for learning and communicating with the children. A couple of days after treatment of hepatitis "C" my sonwas taken ill, "sinusitis" said the doctor at a local hospital,needling was needed. I addressed the clinic of bio-resonance therapyagain.The child had a headache and had a temperature of 37.4. After the bio-resonance therapy sessions his state improved, headaches were gone, the temperature became normal, nasalbreathing free, nasal discharge disappeared (wasof green color). I went to this clinic with the last hope for help and I got it.

I would like to wish Natalia first of all to be healthy and to be a success in her work. To say a big thank you for her understanding and sensitivity to patients. I believe in this treatment and I wishmany other peopleto believe in it. To all of my friends and acquaintances I suggest only bio-resonance therapy. It is very good that there are people in the world who have come up with this treatment. Wish you all the best.