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Istomin I.:

I had varicose vein disease, it made me very worried aesthetically and besides,thrombophlebitis started to develop as a result. This news distressed me deeply. Doctors advised me to fall back on various methods of bloodletting. But finally I had a choice whetherto use hirudotherapy or the Hijamamethod. In general, I am afraid of all insects and other living creatures, so I stopped my choice on the Hijamamethod.After a few treatments vascular grid on my feet began to subside. After somenext procedures the veins became almost invisible. And the risk of thrombophlebitis decreased to almost zero. Many thanks to specialists of the clinic who had conducted the procedures of BRT!!!


For a long time I was treated atthe regional hospital on liver disease, gall bladder, depression, depression. Laboratory analysis found giardia, which could be killed by medical drugs, but the improvement was temporary. Intestinal worms were found (colonoscopy). I had often diarrhea, nausea, bloating, nervosism, irritability, sleepdisturbance. Constantly received medication, which led to a temporary improvement. As a result, the attending physician advised to contact the clinic of bio-resonance therapy.

During diagnosis the affected organs and those pathogens that caused the dysfunction of those organswere identified. Having treated the intestines, pancreas, hypothalamus, gallbladder, bile ducts, stomach with bio-resonance therapy, and at the same time removing giardia, Echinococcus, trihimelly, stones lobiktar and Helicobacter pylori with the frequency-resonance therapy, I finally felt relief and recovery. Nauseastopped worrying me, stool recovered, I began to sleep well, fitness to work and good mood appeared.I keep practically no diet,never went to the hospital while treatment and did not take chemicals.

I would like to thank gastroenterologist Danilova O, whorecommended me to address the clinic ofbio-resonance therapy for treatment. I made sure that bio-resonance therapy is very good and helps to heal many diseases. I want to express special thanks to the doctor of the clinic of bio-resonance therapy Salyutina Natalia for her professionalism, attention, sensitivity. Thank you so much that there are you andI will solve my possible problems in futureonly at this clinic.


During the period between June 2002 and May 2003, I underwent three operations. One of the latest was cholecystectomy - removal of the gallbladder because of stones inside. I decided to undergo that operation because of frequent pains that disturbed me almost every week. For some time I was on a diet, then I switched to ultimate nutrition. I gained the missing weight and lived with an idea that I got rid of those excruciating pains. But as it turned out, it was far from it. Three years later another attack happened, but a different one:an acute pancreatitis (in the pancreas). The pains began to visit me almost every day.Once again, I had to return to a strict diet, because of which a sharp weight loss happened. I was in a panic. Several times I was admitted to the hospital, but there was only a temporary relief. The pain would come back again and again. It seemed that I would never get rid of them. Ifell into a deep depression. I started to come to an idea that there was no sense living on. And then luckily I came across a new advertising about a new method of treatment: bio-resonance therapy, which was conducted by doctor Natalia.It was my last hope. The diagnosis of that method was shocking for me. Due to the strict diet my body was extremely exhausted. In addition to the pancreas almost all of organs and systems were hit. Even my brain was affected. The body was "packed with" various bacteria and viruses that had multiplied due to loss of immunity.First of all, Natalia began to treat the most affected organs, including the pancreas as well as brain. After a few sessions I felt relief. I could not believe in myown luck. Step by step the pains left me. I varied my food and stopped keeping a diet.Sad thoughts that had not leftme daysand nights before were finally gone. Depression was gone too. I got a reason to live and felt like I was born again. Now I remember withhorror the time when I wanted to die. I remember this like a nightmare. It seems as if it has happened not to me.

I am very grateful to Natalia, because she helped me to get rid of tormenting pain and brought me back to life, the meaning of which had been lost to me. Now I amabsolutely sure that if I had known about that method before, I would have managed to avoid all of operations. I wish Natalia further success in her noble work and a lot of grateful patients. Besides, I would like to express my gratitude to all who developed this method of treatment. I wish a speedy recovery to all of patients.

Beregovoy E.:

The doctors diagnosticatedHemochromatosis with me, it is a disease for which bloodletting is recommended. And I started to search for a clinic wheresuch a treatment could beaccessible,of high quality andin compliance with all standards of hygiene and sterility. And came across a clinic of BRT where I underwent a course of bloodletting by method of Cupping (Hijama). The treatment has been finished. Great result!!! Thank you!!!

Ivanchenko Y.

During 3 years I was having constant problems with urination. I applied many times to different clinics, underwent various tests for gynecologists, urologists, and so on. All showed negative results for the presence of any infections. When I arrived at the clinic of BRT, I spent a very short time for diagnostics and was given complete and detailed examination results. It turned out that I had a chronic inflammation of the bladder. After I had passed a full course of treatment, all of symptoms disappeared. And I am particularly happy that the treatment did not consist of antibiotics, butof absolutely harmless therapy. Thank you so much, my dear doctor Selyutina Natalia. With all my heart I wish everyone a speedy recovery!

Volkov Y.

I am 59 years old, my back hurt for a long time, for the last five years I was suffering from the feeling as if my left leg was pulledaway, I could not be standing for a long time in the exacerbation phases when vitamins and physiotherapy wereprescribe at the hospital. Doctors told me - "Oh, you are our regular customer!" And then after a cold spring the ankle joint inflamedunexpectedly, the pain did not leaveme atany position, did not allow me to sleep, medication did not help. At home we foundinformation about bio-resonance treatment inInternet,there were different reviews about it. But we all read it. But I said in the endI had to try and I addressedthe clinic for an appointment. I was surprisedalready after the first diagnosis:during the first visitthe doctors discovered the problemsthat I had been "earning"the years before. I visited the doctors regularly following the instructions and the scheduled appointments.But I still was in a doubt if there was sense spending my time and money. Somehow without being noticed,the pain in the ankle jointwent away after 1.5-2 weeks, a month later the strange pain in the leg was gone, and now that I am finishing the treatment at the clinic of BRT, I have already started to walk a good distance. When pickingup mushrooms, I load my leg without fear to feel acute pain again. In general, life is getting better, and no doubt my wife and children believe I am much better. And I do feel like 20 years younger, and I am happy to live without pain and fear that it returns back. Thanks to the developers of this technique, and many thanks to those who professionally and creatively uses it!!!

Petrova Е.:

I suffer from high blood pressure. Therefore, I alwayshavea headache, my ability to work reduces. Although I am only 40 years old, the constant high pressure makes me feel weak. When I came to the clinic of BRT, I was recommended to undergo phlebotomy Hijamamethod (Cupping). Indeed, even after the first procedure my blood pressuredid not rise for a long time. As the doctors explained,it had happened because the bloodletting removes old blood and the body gets freshblood, the self-cleaning of bodyoccurs. Now I feel good, the blood pressure is normal. Thank you for treatment!!!

Solovyova T., Kafarova O., Osochenko S. and Tyutyunov R.

sincerelywish the head doctor of the clinic Selyutina Nataliaa Happy New Year, 2014! Wish her to remain faithful to her work for the benefit of all the patients of the clinic ofbio-resonance therapy. And many thanks for the successful results of treatment!!!

Beregovoy E.:

I am 35 years old. For many years I was suffering from infertility. I was treated by doctors of conventional medicine, but the results would not come. Then I heard about the ancient methods of treatment called Hijamat which is widely used in the entire East. I underwent 3 procedures and found out after a month thatI became pregnant. Just super!!!

Nedorezov Victor:

For many years I was ill. I had problems with the gastrointestinal tract. For 15 years I was visiting doctors, undergoing medical tests and taking all sorts of drugs and at that time was keeping a healthy lifestyle. Having addressed the doctor Salyutina Natalia, I took a course of bio-resonance therapy and all the diseases disappeared. Treatment lasted for nine months. My body had been in a serious condition: constant abdominal pain, diarrhea, depression, etc. Now it has all gone. I want to live on and enjoy life.

Thank you, doctor.

Pavlenko G.:

3 years ago I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis with decay. The doctors offered me to be treated with antibiotics during the year. Having taken antibiotics for 2 weeks, I felt that I was getting worse, nausea arrived, problems with stool, there was general intoxication which did not let me think clearly. I spent a year for such a treatment of tuberculosis, but after 5 months I could start going in for sports. This became possible because I gave up antibiotics after 2 weeks, and then switched to the treatment method of bio-resonance therapy. When undergoing treatment with BRT theyalways did X-raypictures which showed stable positive dynamics. Duringthe last months of treatment I could play sports 3-5 times a week with an ever-increasing load. I am completely cured of tuberculosis and for the last 2 years there has not been even a glimpse of a disease recurrence. If I had drunk such doses of antibiotics, it would have surely brought me to death due totheireffects. Thank you Natalia that I can live on a full life!


I applied to the clinic of bio-resonance therapy on the advice of my friend. My son born in 1999 became the carrier of hepatitis "C". We were sent to all the experts, and my son took medication. But there were no results, bilirubin remained at 14.2. Infectious disease specialist said it was not curable and we must prepare ourselves to a lifetime drinking essentiale and CARSIL. At the bio-resonance clinic hewas a long time under a course of treatment for the'C' virus, bilirubin is now 9. Even our attending pediatrician was surprised, because hepatitis "C" is not curable with medication. Prior to treatment at the clinic the boyhad beenapathic, had suffered often frompain in the liver, he had had practically no interest for anything andvery bad appetite.But after a half of sessions here at the clinic his state improved. He even began to have breakfast, appetite improved much, abdominal pain stopped, the boyshowed an interest for learning and communicating with the children. A couple of days after treatment of hepatitis "C" my sonwas taken ill, "sinusitis" said the doctor at a local hospital,needling was needed. I addressed the clinic of bio-resonance therapyagain.The child had a headache and had a temperature of 37.4. After the bio-resonance therapy sessions his state improved, headaches were gone, the temperature became normal, nasalbreathing free, nasal discharge disappeared (wasof green color). I went to this clinic with the last hope for help and I got it.

I would like to wish Natalia first of all to be healthy and to be a success in her work. To say a big thank you for her understanding and sensitivity to patients. I believe in this treatment and I wishmany other peopleto believe in it. To all of my friends and acquaintances I suggest only bio-resonance therapy. It is very good that there are people in the world who have come up with this treatment. Wish you all the best.

M., 13 years old:

From early childhood I suffered frombedwetting. I applied to various clinics but it would nothelp. I went to the clinic of BRT and I was treated for a month and a half and it helped. I stopped to wet my bed at night.

Karetnikova N.:

I addressed the clinic of bio-resonance therapy for chronic lung disease (bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, chronic pharyngitis). Prior to that, hadbeen year over year to the hospital, took pricks and drank antibiotics, but all to no result. Antibiotics resulted in intestinal dysbiosis. After a course of bio-resonance therapy, which consisted of partial treatment on bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and the application of drugs on the bronchi, lungs, throat, intestines, finally I felt the result of treatment. Cough that had bothered me for years dramatically decreased. Action of the bowels recovered.

I am very grateful to doctor Selyutina Natalia and the new method of treatment that really helped me. I sincerely wish all of ill people totrustin this method of treatment.

Kovalenko M.:

One day I found a red freckle on my chin, which I took for irritation after shaving, but later it slowly started to increase. I went to a dermatologist and after three weeks of treatment the result was negative. Then I addressed the clinic of BR-therapy and there I was put the correct diagnosis of my disease, when red frecklespread over the entire chin. After a few sessions the red frecklegrew lighter and at the end of treatment I got rid of thatred inflammation.


I applied to the clinic after recommendation of a friend of mine. By that time I was depressed, suffered from duodenal ulcer, chronic inflammation of the gall bladder and ducts, inflammation of the mucosa of the colon, gynecology problems. Laboratory tests showed I had giardia. Treatment with medications did not help, giardia appeared again. I strongly grew thin during illness, my weight had been 70 kg and finally came to 57 kg. I just did not want to live. After examination at the clinic, the treatment was started. During the treatment the depression wasgradually gone, there appeared interest for life, my weight of 70 kg returned and now I keep it at this level. The functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract and gallbladder came in order. Now I continue treatment and will continue it to feel even better.

Thanksto doctor Natalia for her knowledge and work. It helped not only me but also my family, my husband and daughter. They also got rid of many infections and chronic diseases. Therefore, I advise all my friends to contact the clinic of bio-resonance therapy, as it is the most effective way to treat chronic diseases especially because traditional medicine is powerless. I wish everyone who contacts the clinic to find real health and happiness here.