Volkov Y.

I am 59 years old, my back hurt for a long time, for the last five years I was suffering from the feeling as if my left leg was pulledaway, I could not be standing for a long time in the exacerbation phases when vitamins and physiotherapy wereprescribe at the hospital. Doctors told me - "Oh, you are our regular customer!" And then after a cold spring the ankle joint inflamedunexpectedly, the pain did not leaveme atany position, did not allow me to sleep, medication did not help. At home we foundinformation about bio-resonance treatment inInternet,there were different reviews about it. But we all read it. But I said in the endI had to try and I addressedthe clinic for an appointment. I was surprisedalready after the first diagnosis:during the first visitthe doctors discovered the problemsthat I had been "earning"the years before. I visited the doctors regularly following the instructions and the scheduled appointments.But I still was in a doubt if there was sense spending my time and money. Somehow without being noticed,the pain in the ankle jointwent away after 1.5-2 weeks, a month later the strange pain in the leg was gone, and now that I am finishing the treatment at the clinic of BRT, I have already started to walk a good distance. When pickingup mushrooms, I load my leg without fear to feel acute pain again. In general, life is getting better, and no doubt my wife and children believe I am much better. And I do feel like 20 years younger, and I am happy to live without pain and fear that it returns back. Thanks to the developers of this technique, and many thanks to those who professionally and creatively uses it!!!