For a long time I was treated atthe regional hospital on liver disease, gall bladder, depression, depression. Laboratory analysis found giardia, which could be killed by medical drugs, but the improvement was temporary. Intestinal worms were found (colonoscopy). I had often diarrhea, nausea, bloating, nervosism, irritability, sleepdisturbance. Constantly received medication, which led to a temporary improvement. As a result, the attending physician advised to contact the clinic of bio-resonance therapy.

During diagnosis the affected organs and those pathogens that caused the dysfunction of those organswere identified. Having treated the intestines, pancreas, hypothalamus, gallbladder, bile ducts, stomach with bio-resonance therapy, and at the same time removing giardia, Echinococcus, trihimelly, stones lobiktar and Helicobacter pylori with the frequency-resonance therapy, I finally felt relief and recovery. Nauseastopped worrying me, stool recovered, I began to sleep well, fitness to work and good mood appeared.I keep practically no diet,never went to the hospital while treatment and did not take chemicals.

I would like to thank gastroenterologist Danilova O, whorecommended me to address the clinic ofbio-resonance therapy for treatment. I made sure that bio-resonance therapy is very good and helps to heal many diseases. I want to express special thanks to the doctor of the clinic of bio-resonance therapy Salyutina Natalia for her professionalism, attention, sensitivity. Thank you so much that there are you andI will solve my possible problems in futureonly at this clinic.