Pavlenko G.:

3 years ago I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis with decay. The doctors offered me to be treated with antibiotics during the year. Having taken antibiotics for 2 weeks, I felt that I was getting worse, nausea arrived, problems with stool, there was general intoxication which did not let me think clearly. I spent a year for such a treatment of tuberculosis, but after 5 months I could start going in for sports. This became possible because I gave up antibiotics after 2 weeks, and then switched to the treatment method of bio-resonance therapy. When undergoing treatment with BRT theyalways did X-raypictures which showed stable positive dynamics. Duringthe last months of treatment I could play sports 3-5 times a week with an ever-increasing load. I am completely cured of tuberculosis and for the last 2 years there has not been even a glimpse of a disease recurrence. If I had drunk such doses of antibiotics, it would have surely brought me to death due totheireffects. Thank you Natalia that I can live on a full life!