I applied to the clinic after recommendation of a friend of mine. By that time I was depressed, suffered from duodenal ulcer, chronic inflammation of the gall bladder and ducts, inflammation of the mucosa of the colon, gynecology problems. Laboratory tests showed I had giardia. Treatment with medications did not help, giardia appeared again. I strongly grew thin during illness, my weight had been 70 kg and finally came to 57 kg. I just did not want to live. After examination at the clinic, the treatment was started. During the treatment the depression wasgradually gone, there appeared interest for life, my weight of 70 kg returned and now I keep it at this level. The functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract and gallbladder came in order. Now I continue treatment and will continue it to feel even better.

Thanksto doctor Natalia for her knowledge and work. It helped not only me but also my family, my husband and daughter. They also got rid of many infections and chronic diseases. Therefore, I advise all my friends to contact the clinic of bio-resonance therapy, as it is the most effective way to treat chronic diseases especially because traditional medicine is powerless. I wish everyone who contacts the clinic to find real health and happiness here.