During the period between June 2002 and May 2003, I underwent three operations. One of the latest was cholecystectomy - removal of the gallbladder because of stones inside. I decided to undergo that operation because of frequent pains that disturbed me almost every week. For some time I was on a diet, then I switched to ultimate nutrition. I gained the missing weight and lived with an idea that I got rid of those excruciating pains. But as it turned out, it was far from it. Three years later another attack happened, but a different one:an acute pancreatitis (in the pancreas). The pains began to visit me almost every day.Once again, I had to return to a strict diet, because of which a sharp weight loss happened. I was in a panic. Several times I was admitted to the hospital, but there was only a temporary relief. The pain would come back again and again. It seemed that I would never get rid of them. Ifell into a deep depression. I started to come to an idea that there was no sense living on. And then luckily I came across a new advertising about a new method of treatment: bio-resonance therapy, which was conducted by doctor Natalia.It was my last hope. The diagnosis of that method was shocking for me. Due to the strict diet my body was extremely exhausted. In addition to the pancreas almost all of organs and systems were hit. Even my brain was affected. The body was "packed with" various bacteria and viruses that had multiplied due to loss of immunity.First of all, Natalia began to treat the most affected organs, including the pancreas as well as brain. After a few sessions I felt relief. I could not believe in myown luck. Step by step the pains left me. I varied my food and stopped keeping a diet.Sad thoughts that had not leftme daysand nights before were finally gone. Depression was gone too. I got a reason to live and felt like I was born again. Now I remember withhorror the time when I wanted to die. I remember this like a nightmare. It seems as if it has happened not to me.

I am very grateful to Natalia, because she helped me to get rid of tormenting pain and brought me back to life, the meaning of which had been lost to me. Now I amabsolutely sure that if I had known about that method before, I would have managed to avoid all of operations. I wish Natalia further success in her noble work and a lot of grateful patients. Besides, I would like to express my gratitude to all who developed this method of treatment. I wish a speedy recovery to all of patients.