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Bio-resonance therapy is a new progressive step forward in human medicine. It refers to traditional hardware diagnosis and treatment and has been patented and licensed for use by the corresponding certificates of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Bio-resonance therapy as a science which is based on a centuries-old experience of oriental medicine and Europeanhomeopathy, and is being realized due to the latest achievements of computer and medicaltechnologies. The bio-resonance therapy is based on the fact, that each cell of the human organism, being a result of internal biochemical and biophysical processes, emits electromagnetic waves of certain parameters (shape, amplitude, frequency), which are unique to this type of cell. These so-called harmonic oscillations are like "business card" of the cell, they carry specific information about it. Electromagnetic radiation cells are integrated into the electromagnetic field of tissues, organs, systems, and they are projected onto the human body in the form of energy meridians and their constituent biologically active points (known in the Orient since ancient times). A healthy cell has a certain spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. If the cell is hit by a pathology, ir results in changing its electromagnetic field characteristics, and for each particular disease, these changes are specific.

The peculiarity of the method of bio-resonance therapy is that thanks to the latest medical equipment, it is possible to capture and detect the weak electromagnetic pulses of cells (even deeper - the cell nucleus and DNA), which is used to diagnose various diseases by reading the biologically active points and computer processing of received data. In this case, the bio-resonance diagnostics is painless, does not take much time, allows us to identify the disease at an early preclinical stage, i.e., when a person has no more external signs of disease. But the main fundamental peculiarity of the bio-resonance therapy as a method of treatment is that it employs a completely new kind of impact. The new approach is based on the idea that any biological system (cell, tissue, organ, organism as a whole) is the energy-essence. That means that between any relevant biological structure and function of this structure on the one hand and energy-field generated by this structure during the life - on the other hand there is the reciprocal contact. Namely: the impact on the energy field of a biological structure can change its function, to convert the structure itself.

In bio-resonance therapy impact on the energy field of a cell generated by the unit is carried out by the generating device in pulses, which are identical to the characteristics of the electromagnetic radiation of the cell itself, and as the result there is a resonance between the radiation itself and electromagnetic field of the cell, which, in its turn, results in the change in the biochemical and biophysical reactions in cells in necessary, given direction. The energy component of the radiation generated by the device is negligible. Since the energy component of the radiation generated by the device is very small (only a few nanoamp), but sufficient enough to transfer the necessary information, such exposure does not cause damage to cells, i.e., is mostly informational. The bio-resonance therapy is especially interesting as a reasonable alternative to standard drug treatment.

It's no secret that the majority of medicinal drugs are alien chemicals to the human body, essentially – low-toxic (in therapeutic doses) poisons that a sick person receives being forced by necessity (illness),that leads to side effects and allergic reactions, which are included intoa leaflet attached to each medication package. But as any chemical compound, the drug is composed of molecules and atoms, and therefore has its own electromagnetic field (arising, in particular, due to the rotation of the electrons around the nucleus of an atom) and, therefore, in addition to the material basis carries also the energoinformationalcomponent. When determining the characteristics of the electromagnetic field of a particular drug, the opportunity to transfer its energoinformationalcomponent onto a chemically-harmless substance has appeared (e.g., sugar balls or water) by irradiating it in a special deviceby electromagnetic waves of the given parameters, which is realized in the bio-resonance therapy.At that thehomeopathic aids are considered to bethe basic, becausehaving a minimum amount of chemical agent, they have high energoinformationalcapacity.

And, finally, the bio-resonance therapy has serious advantage in the treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases. In act, all pathogens: viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, helminths are living organisms and, therefore, have their own electromagnetic field, which is peculiar to each of them. Impact on any of the above objects by radiation with characteristics, which are identical to those of electromagnetic field of specific exciter, leads to its complete destruction, regardless of where it is located (inside or outside the cells - in the bone, muscle, fat, or other tissue), and any form (mature or larval, encapsulated, in sporules, etc.).

Compared to other hardware therapies (e.g. physiotherapy), the bio-resonance therapy does not cause tissue heating, does not affect healthy organs, has no counterindications and side effects. The method of bio-resonance therapy is relatively young (the first experimental device was made in Germany in 1976, Montreal, Rasche). Further development and improvement of the above method will make it possible in the near future to deal successfully with such terrible diseases like cancer, AIDS, drug addiction. But now this unique method of diagnosis and treatment already helps thousands of people to solve their health problems.

At the Clinic of Bio-Resonance Therapy in Kaliningrad both diagnosis and treatment areperformed on the equipment produced by the Center of Intelligent Medical Systems "IMEDIS» (Moscow) according to the guidelines developed by the research team of the Centre and the materials of the XI International scientific and practical conference on the clinical application of bio-resonance therapy.